Driving Directions:


  • Drive via  Chittagong-Hathazari Highway . চট্রগ্রাম হাটহাজারী মহাসড়ক · 21.5 km
  • After reaching University 1 no gate turn left.
  • Proceed approximately two miles straight to University railway station



Metro Directions:

  • Take the private bus service ‘Thori’ from Newmarket or Muradpur
  • After reaching University 1 no gate get off from the bus and take the local CNG taxi service. It will cost 6 BD Taka to reach main University gate or 12 BD Taka to reach Arts and Humanities Faculty faculty building inside university .

Train Directions:

  • Take the university’s free Shuttle train from Chittagong railway station or Sholosohor railway station
  • Get off the Shuttle train after arriving University railway station.

After reaching Arts and Humanities Faculty ,Bangla Department General Office is on the 1st floor , Beginning Block .